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    My name is Ana Maria M., is an actress, and for those who follow Divertis Land Of Jokes (Sunday evening in Pro Tv) or come to the theater Thomas Caragiu of Ploiesti, where playing for 12 years, is a fairly well known figure because many characters with so much love and enthusiasm which they interpret!

    For many years doing this job, in fact these trades (are the singer, actress, dance and sing in Broadway shows, performances that you request from many points of view) and over the years, besides minor complaints (I would say in our business standing) oscillations related to weight or other issues more or less “solvable”, we had one great and constant dissatisfaction SUPREME! This was related to the shape and size of the nose! Nas inherited from my father at his nose was never a problem, because the appearance of a man, a prominent nose gives personality men charm! Many people, friends, relatives, bosses, colleagues …. ..mama and dad say no ….. I said that surgery is not the case, as I have an aquiline nose that makes me look Greek girl …. I look like Cleopatra, this is all my personality as you can not sing the same …. if not get out, if I feel sorry ….. if, if, if …..
    I stoically resisted “temptation” to visit a doctor’s office esthetician for many years …. and I try to convince myself of the words of everyone else … even trying to scare me to think that one would be hurt or would not come out as it should, as it would affect emission etc.Pana voice …. one day from the end of last year, when discussing my problem with a very dear and close friend and colleague, he ‘d said that if it would make me feel better with myself and my image in the mirror and on the screen, you should do it, not living with this obsession (that became an obsession, become something that just simply prevents me from doing my job properly.) become increasingly concerned by the angles of which are filmed than the text that I had to interpret and feelings that I need to focus depending on the characters they had played !
    My friend, it seems that time has become my angel, that led me to the doctor clinic Dana Jianu Pro Aesthetics Medical Clinic! I’ve got the courage, I called her, I made ​​an appointment for advice about the voice half …… and I went !! I met some wonderful people there, a team of professionals and a warm and welcoming!
    First I was “seen” by Mrs. Ileana Linaru Doctor (ENT surgeon), because I was told that I must record whether or not deviated septum, considering the fact that a possible deviated septum would have meant a different kind of operation, more complex, and of course other implications otherwise cost! for me at that time did not matter anything! or risks or costs or fears …. ABSLOUT nothing but the final result! ‘d I wanted so much so that I have not thought any second it could not get better or that I might hurt or how much it pains me, or how long will it take me to recover …. .totul faded in front of his nose that I thought that I wanted and that I will not have this problem!
    I then met with Mrs. Doctor Jianu that impressed me from the first second by modesty, simplicity, warmth and willingness to do …. GOOD! Asked me what I excact, explained to me what was explained, asked me what was asked, he answered all questions completely (and not a few, believe me) even though it was 19:30 and had a full day of operation and consultation !!!
    At the end of the meeting, scheduling the surgery was already done, the list of medications that must be taken before and after the intervention was in my hand and my hopes were not limits !! I could to write another thirty pages about what followed, of immense concern that I was treated, the fact that from the time I was anesthetized until today, 4 months after surgery did not feel even the slightest hint of pain, how my bandages were removed nose without me I have no idea how and when it happened to me, the fact that 5 days after surgery had not only some yellow spots around the eyes and swollen I fixed that after a long sleep or after a day when we ate very salty, Andra care about that all night was with me no matter what my needs were and gave me not even for a minute think that makes you have or it’s paid for it. I could write MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULT …… !!!!! But I will say this: I do not ever expect me back so quickly and so well, or my his nose (because now is a nose) look so beautiful! And you know that’s the best part? every day look better, smaller, thinner, …. as I wanted! team at Medical Aesthetics Pro became my team , meaning that no matter what I or will I need, there will be the place where you halt, again, for any intervention (and will be, because so are we women in particular, there is always room for improvement) .
    We thank Dr. Dana Jianu Ileana Linaru Lady Doctor, Lady anesthesiologist, Andra, ladies nurses, receptionists, nurses ….. and all those who were involved in any way which meant surgery, recovery and my treatment !

    With much respect and admiration,

    Ana Maria M.

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