Welcome to ProEstetica!

Founded in 1994 by Dana and Stefan Jianu, ProEstetica Medical Center is the first private surgery clinic in Romania. Offering various services like plastic surgery, aesthetic treatments, varicose veins surgery, breast surgery (with or without silicon implants), general surgery, abdominal wall defects surgery this clinic in fact a hospital is maintaining a very high standard comparable with similar facilities abroad. Laser treatment for varicose veins or for liposuction and various antiaging therapies are performed with last generation devices..

ProEstetica is for over 20 years an example and a model for other private Romanian surgery clinics.

The whole team of our specialists, doctors and nurses, have the objective” beauty through health” for all our patients. No matter what kind of surgery is performed, appendicitis or breast augmentation – the focus is on maximum aesthetic results and safety. The smallest incisions, venous punction for varicose veins or minimal invasive facial lifting, all is needed for a perfect healing and an invizible scar is done.

A happy patient is a patient without pain. In this respect,some good news: our team uses all strategies to ensure painless treatments and postoperative recovery. Surgical procedures notorious for a slow, painful recovery, like hallux valgus surgery or hernia surgery – are performed in out clinic painlessly, with a full recovery measured in days. And the results for inguinal hernia are guaranteed for life.

Although improbable, the rare cases of relapse of varicose veins operated in our clinic will be corrected for free.
Breast augmentation surgery with silicon implants or with autologous fat tissue graft (Brava Method), will most probably fulfill your expectations. Silhouette correction by liposuction (with or without laser) is an art itself “a sculpture in human tissues”; abdominoplasty, breast reduction or any other aesthetic surgery procedure is treated with dedication and professionalism by our team.

Facial therapy with lasers, wrinkles treatment with botulinic toxin or hyaluronic acid, corrections for face, the neck and breast, body contour are the favorites for us, demonstrating a wide range of aesthetic procedures, similar with any other good standard international aesthetic surgery centers.

We strive every day to fulfill your expectation and trust.

Our mission consists in providing the best medical services and the highest standard surgery services in a private clinic, in a friendly, warm and empathic atmosphere. For us is also very important that the patients are completely and fairly informed. The trust doctor-patient is the very principle of our clinic. The goal is to help people with surgery and therapy, with competent advices, careful follow-up, kinetotherapy, psychological support and even wellness, all with patience , responsibility and availability.

Our main value: people. We work with them and for them. Then come science and our surgical art, techniques and procedures carefully selected.

Our aim is to identify, to choose and to develop our team and our techniques for the benefit of the patients. Most modern treatments and the constant strive of lowering the risks are constant on our agenda. A valuable team and perfect procedures ensure not only recognition but also the best results and satisfaction.

Our “bussines card” 20 years of surgical practice without incidents with optimum results and lots of Romanian techniques in premiere.

Our fundamental principles are:

• Honesty

• Integrity

• Responsibility

• Safety

“Beauty through health” is our motto and strong belief.

ProEstetica medical premieres:

1. First private surgery clinic in Romania, 1994

2. First outpatient hernia surgery (Dr. Stefan Jianu) and first hernia center

3. First breast implant (Dr. Dana Jianu and Prof. Dr. Florin Isac) 1994

4. First Muller phlebectomy (Dr. Stefan Jianu)

5. First Botox treatments and professionals training in using Botox for wrinkles treatment (Dr. Dana Jianu) 1999

6. First endovenous laser treatments (Dr. Stefan Jianu)

7. First obesity treatment center 2000

8. First sonography guided schlerotherapy (Dr. Stefan Jianu)

9. First gastric banding in a private clinic (Dr. C. Copaescu)

10 First breast lift with mesh (Dr. Dana Jianu) 2004

11. First breast reconstruction with autologous collagen (Dr. Dana Jianu) 2004

12. First Medical SPA 2006

13. DANA-A-JOY doll, medical device patented, with interchangeable parts designed for medical study. Gold Medal at 55 EUREKA International Invention Fair, Bruxelles 2006 and at International Inventions Fair , Geneva 2007

14. First holistic and wellness obesity center – Bali Spa 2007

15. First sleeve gastrectomy in a private clinic 2008

16. First pilot clinic for SCULPTRA therapy (medical drills) 2008.

17. Breast reconstruction post-mastectomy and breast augmentation with BRAVA System and autologous fat transfer 2012.

18. Facial rejuvenation proprietary technique by Dr. Dana Jianu : ’’AdipoLASER reJuvenation ’’ 2012.