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    “BEAUTY IN HEALTH”, a lifestyle 

    We all look forward to big social events of the world to admire the red carpet creations of the great designers in perfect silhouettes of our idols and dreaming to be like them.
    Few, however, realize that behind the glamour of one day there is a constant effort and a thoroughly organized lifestyle.
    Balance work, empower us to achieve our dreams energy. Beauty is an important part of this whole and makes us optimistic, with appetite for life. Receive health and beauty since the moment we were born. It is our duty to cherish and increase the capital to serve us as a long time.
    But if you’re like the most, with a hectic lifestyle, eating on the run and a total lack of time to go for hours at the gym, you might find this going to materialize or not this year. Do you want to keep forever diet to lose all energy, eating too little and start summer with deficiencies of vitamins …
    Before opting for alternative, saving to buy clothing items that simply to cover everything, think that the latest techniques in non-surgical body shaping even reach the objectives you desire to do. These processes give you, besides tonic figure, something extra and invaluable: TIME for you!

    Each individual is unique! Customizing treatment scheme is the key success factor. After initial evaluation and measurement, kinetic therapist will establish a comprehensive program that will be involved: all his experience as a therapist, the benefits of the latest equipment available and your energy on a desire for change.
    Yes, ladies, body shaping really works!
    So first, a visit to the nutritionist, to eliminate the obstacles that one ask them a bad diet that prevents melting fat deposits, and then a good plan (treatments combined electro / lipostimulation, venous drainage, ultrasound vacuum massage and fitness 60 or 90 minutes 3 times per week) can even act as a lever placed strategically, helping you win the fight against extra pounds or annoying centimeters.
    Experience has shown that the effect is noticeably better and faster if they act together from the inside-outside with food and modern methods of weight loss when we want a slim silhouette to reflect permanent windows which he passes.

    Ultrasonic treatment is one of the few methods during which there is a double effect: the “burst” of calcified fat deposits and their simultaneous dissolution, with visible results in a relatively short time.

    Electrostimulation procedure is an intensive fitness, experts evaluating the 45 minutes of electro equates to 6-8 hours of gymnastics without interruption. That is why the effects of electrostimulation sessions are visible immediately, sometimes after the first session.

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