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    Botox treatment for wrinkles

    Injections with botulinum toxin (DYSPORT, BOTOX) is a treatment used to remove or reduce facial wrinkles especially those that give the appearance frowned, “crows feet” wrinkles in the forehead, wrinkles “sadness” at the corners of the mouth but and improve the appearance of vertical bands in the neck. However gestures, facial expressiveness essentially store!

    Botulinum toxin is a therapeutic agent derived from numităClostridium botulinum bacteria, also known as botulinum toxin type A. This toxin is produced in the laboratory under controlled conditions and was administered in very small quantities initially in ophthalmology to treat blepharospasm (blinking very often ) and strabismus.
    It is used successfully in neurology (facial spasm, torticollis, some cases of migraine, spastic hand in children), surgery (anal fissures), dermatology (excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis – underarms, palms and feet) – see cap.6.5. three.

    The mechanism of action of botulinum toxin.

    The brain sends messages (impulses) to power muscle contraction which determines their movement. These messages are transmitted to the muscles with a substance called acetylcholine is blocked by botulinum toxin; because muscles do not get the message of contraction. This means that spasm or muscle contractions that cause wrinkles are stopped or greatly reduced after the injection of toxin. In other words, the muscles are “forced” to relax, are “unlearned” to longer contracts; So there’s no one cause wrinkles. Then, after being helped by the injection, the patient “unlearn” consciously also use some muscle groups whose activity is undesirable, so even after the drug effect has passed, the effect continues.

    Performing the procedure and ideal candidates:

    Botulinum toxin is injected directly into the muscles around wrinkles using a very small needle. If there is discomfort is minimal, and it takes only a few seconds.
    The treatment takes a few minutes. Once injected botulinum toxin blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles, allowing them to relax.
    The results of the procedure are demonstrated within several days (2 to 10 days). Although they are not permanent, they last a few months.
    The procedure does not require hospitalization and can be repeated when the toxin effect diminishes after a strategy that your doctor recommends. This “strategy” you can prolong the effect as long!
    Age patients who can perform botulinum toxin can vary widely between 25 and 70 years depending on whether wrinkles. Because neuromuscular responsiveness and quality skin we expect better results in younger (35-40 years) and elderly poor (already deep wrinkles “dug” into the skin, and the effect lasts less). And men may be less spectacular results because their muscles stronger!
    Most wrinkles on our face are due to prolonged action, voluntary or involuntary muscle mimic (under the skin) on our skin. It produces: frown lines (between the eyebrows) frontal wrinkles, wrinkles, “crows feet” (from the corner of the eyes) (and others already mentioned above). It is these wrinkles are the main indication of botulinum toxin therapy in men and women. These wrinkles (especially frown) give it a sullen, angry (very angry), sad or tired relitatea totally inconsistent with that unpleasant surprise people around you. Therefore persons have suffered due to their facial expressions, often involuntary. It is in this regard botulinum toxin treatment can have a positive outcome very spectacular!

    Possible risks of treatment

    Although accidental ingestion of large amounts of botulinum toxin (such as preservatives consumption altered “convex”) may lead to death very low doses of purified use in medicine, not toxic? They are used safely even in children with neurological problems! And in fighting wrinkles are smaller doses (600 times less than the lethal dose)! Injection of botulinum toxin is almost risk-free for most patients.
    Although relatively rare occur, the most common side effects (minor) are moderate numbness, swelling (swelling), ecchymosis (bruising) or tingling sensation at the injection site. Most of these effects do not occur if the patient avoid rubbing or touching brutal injected area on the first day of performing the procedure. Sometimes you may (or may increase) other wrinkles in the vicinity, as compensatory. They can retouch, possibly a month.
    There may be significant side effects such as: leaving an eyelid, double vision (visual disturbances), asymmetry of the smile, and if injected in the neck – abnormal swallowing or hoarseness. These side effects are transient (lasting 10-14 days) and their disappearance is spontaneous (not requiring treatment).
    Are prohibited in the early days, exposure to situations that could lead to excessive flushing of the face (beach, pool, solar) and the next three weeks facials hard (brushes, massage) or facial surgical treatments.
    There are very rare cases botulinum toxin resistant (treatment has no effect!) Patients who can not benefit from treatment with botulinum toxin include those with myasthenia gravis (severe muscle disease), pregnant women, or patients undergoing fertility treatment.

    Resuming work

    You can go to work and resume your daily activities immediately after treatment (treatment Streak!). It is important to keep your head elevated (avoid sleep) for 4-6 oredupă injection and avoid rubbing or touching the treated area.

    Treatment with botulinum toxin has a rejuvenating effect certain visible but subtle (entourage will notice your face relaxed, fresher!). Moreover this treatment was compared with a true “chemical knife”. However, he can not ever replace a surgical facelift or eyelid surgical correction of sagging or other surgical treatments, but (only!) Will complement very well together to restore and preserve the beauty despite the years pass! Should be emphasized that each method either botulinum toxin or surgery works best on her field (lift can not solve some wrinkles that best solves toxin as any toxin that does not solve solve lift).
    In conclusion, due to its qualities, though far from completely explored scientifically, botulinum toxin is used successfully today
    million people all over the world, being one of the “tools” that have revolutionized medicine in general and particularly aesthetic.

    Dr Dana Jianu, Teacher Consultant, MD Cosmetic Surgery, Doctor of Medicine

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