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    Breast reduction surgery is that you get a reduction in breast volume and shape aesthetics final. The procedure requires a day of hospitalization, the pain is minimal. Healing occurs in 15-21 days.

    Closure (pexy) augmentation is surgery through which the repositioning breasts while giving them and firmly, using its own tissues. It can be associated with breast augmentation through implants silicone placed under the pectoral muscle (where the volume of its own is insufficient. Leaving breasts after breastfeeding or weight loss massive cause frustration to depression, difficulty in a couple’s life. At PROESTETIC technique selected means less pain and complications, and also the shape and recovery.

    Surgical treatment of asymmetric breasts is accomplished by methods combining techniques required: Breast Reduction, pexy (lifting) or swell. It requires hospitalization for a day. The pains are minimal.

    Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction mastectomy is performed either concomitantly using silicone implants or later after oncological treatments recommended. Subsequent reconstruction can be done by wearing a medical device similar to a milking pump breast milk (BRAVA system) necessary to create a space for transplantation of adipose tissue will restore its bosom by using the patient’s own cells. It can do breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery, using an expander that creates enough room for a silicone implant which adapts subsequently symmetrically with other breast.

    An additional step nipple and areola reconstruction is a technique of plastic and medical tattooing. Requires local anesthesia (no admission) and general anesthesia (with a one-day admission)

    Mammary lymph removal is surgery that removes mammary nodules. Necessarily are examined histologically to determine the definitive nature. The procedure is not painful and does not require hospitalization. It can operate under local anesthesia. Healing occurs in 2-3 days.

    Surgical treatment of nipple invaginate is achieved by adjusting the shape of the nipple. The result is definitive. No need hospitalization. The pains are minimal.

    Treatment of gynecomastia (breast enlargement in males present) is achieved by liposuction or combined mammary gland excision and liposuction performed transareolar. Not requiring hospitalization. The pains are minimal / moderate. You may need an MRI or CT scan.

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    Hi i just need to know the price of breast rudaction

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    Hi i need to talk to u about my breast reduction and lipo 2 areas
    my number is
    i like to come to u in march 21 so can to call me plz

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