• 13 MAY 14
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    Dermatoscopy and moles analysis:

    The most modern method of noninvasive diagnosis of pigmented skin tumors (moles), which establishes the likely benign or malignant nature of these ,surveillance or excision.

    Removing unsightly skin lesions and / or pathological ,painless:

    -warts , papiloma, keratoses, nevi (moles), cysts, spider angiomas, carcinomas, condilomas, molluscum contagiosum, etc..
    – Methods used: CO2 laser vaporization, excision, laser diode, surgical excision (with histopathology diagnostic ), electrocautery, curettage, cryotherapy, etc..
    – Interventions are performed under local anesthesia (with cream or infiltrations)
    – Monitoring and treatment to control scarring

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