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    “A prize, a dream, a gift!

    I’m Bianca R., winner of the contest initiated by you, after which I gained a breast implant.

    The surgery took place a month ago, on May 20, 2013.

    I begin by saying that I greatly desired this intervention was a great dream, after the birth of my children, a dream that I would not have allowed me never. I thought first of all that prize, a gift from God (even though many were not entirely agree with that). And for this gift, God chose special people that I put in the way.

    Thanks Lady Doctor Dana Jianu soul, which I consider a man that God “works”. A doctor dedicated to his work, a good woman, with a look and a voice so gentle that I loved it from the first moment feeling in total safety. I will always pray for her …

    All my experience in clinical Proestetica was a pleasant surprise! They’re a great team and a place where you feel special, where all seem to be there to perform your tie “big dream”. I was very very nervous the day of surgery but I was greeted with a smile and treated with patience by every “white coat”, giving me assurance that it will be good, and it was!

    It came out exactly how I wanted, even more than that! I am another man, I can look in the mirror and for the first time in so long I like what I see.

    Thank you so much Clinic Proestetic prize awarded! You are wonderful! “

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