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    In April 2014 I was operated on both legs frames, clinic Proestetica by Mr. Petre Mihai Băleanu doctor who comes from Italy once a month to treat the patients in the country!
    Surgery computerized mounts is far from what we knew about intervention previous elimination mounts! Modern techniques of anesthesia, surgery and osteosynthesis allowed me a best and final correction of the deformity of the foot.
    The operation consisted of a reconstructive surgery that deflected joints were restored to physiological axis.
    Both the surgery itself and postoperative recovery were absolutely painless and allowed me enough movement even the day after surgery. For 20 days I went with the help of special shoes, made available by the clinic! Following withdrawal of special shoes I could drive around with no problem! In the following period, for 30 days, I used to travel comfortable sports shoes. Total recovery took about 75-80 days, during which the foot returned to normal size, so that I could shoe shoes that no longer Boots for many years before! Including high-heeled shoes! I never imagined earlier that an operation therefor may be effected without any pain and permanent recovery so fast!
    And in this way I thank Mr. Petre Mihai Băleanu doctor for exceptional professionalism that characterizes it! Finally, thanks to all staff of the clinic Proestetica for accommodation and treatment provided to patients and empathic behavior towards them!

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