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    I feel much better!

    My name is A. P. and at 39 I decided I wanted to look and feel better.

    My liposuction surgery took place more than a year ago and my only regret at the moment is that I did before. God, how many years would be exempt dezamigire! I mean the disappointment of not wearing a skirt without a change either in the waist or the hips because of the difference in size or dress because of the discrepancy between the breasts (very small!) And … “bottom” the dress. It was not easy, for sure, but the “throes” were rewarded with a vengeance. Well, it seems a small thing to come down from size 42 to 40 in the first four months, and then, about nine months after the operation, you start to see real results, change in less than two months three pairs jeans (size 40, then 38 and finally 36)? Yes, it takes a little despair when you see that all tight clothes and jeans you still play, but the satisfaction you feel when you see the admiring glances and hear flattering comments … does not compare to anything!
    Let us understand, this is not about losing pounds radical or disappearance of cellulite. No way! Yes, of course that now, more than a year, I have a few pounds less and, yes, of course it does not look like any cellulite before and buttocks and thighs look improved, but this requires a bit of will, little movement, and (at least in my case) a couple of months of maximum stress (again, strictly personal matter) not too me eating slid down his throat and … voila! Miracles exist!
    But enough, I realize that I started to end, ie the result of the operation, instead of taking gradually from the first meeting with the doctor Dana Jianu Proestetic Medical Center in Bucharest. Obviously, it all started with a consultation during which the status quo was assessed or proposed solution. I found Mrs. dr. Jianu a great discussion partner. Is open, warm and smiling, and most importantly, honest: As I wrote in the previous paragraph explained at the outset what to expect or what not to build false hopes. He showed me photos of similar cases, he answered all my questions and clear step by step on all the steps that would go through them. We talked about the cost of operation, because it differs a little from case to case, depending on the intervention. To me it was about liposuction – the lower abdomen and the outer face or back of the thighs and buttocks (talk about “wings”, specifically). I explained that fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks, and resistant genetically inherited, usually at a diet and exercise, once sucked, they can not recover on the adiposity of the abdomen, is generally acquired after overeating, can be obtained, if continued overeating. As I said open and honest from the start! Also, Ms. dr. Jianu I said we are not talking about an operation to remove cellulite. Yes, her appearance will improve (indeed it is), but does not disappear completely, as if by magic.
    Following consultation we received a folder with information materials on all that entails liposuction surgery (do not think they missed something in mind, moreover, I found there answers to questions that can not occurred to me during the visit); In addition, a protocol with precise preoperative patients – which drugs or vitamins are contraindicated or recommended before surgery, how to prepare yourself to the operation and a list of tests and medical investigations required.
    Regarding the operation itself obviously can not say exactly what consisted, because such an operation (it took about four hours) required general anesthesia. The team of surgeons led by Mrs. dr. Jianu were part dr. Maria Filipescu, dr. Oltjon Cobani and dr. Mihaela Vartic (ATI).
    My choice, I was hospitalized overnight. I really need to say that the center staff hospital Proestetic and conditions and care, note 10 seems too small! It is at its best, nothing is left to chance, doctors and nurses come to meet you for any question, problem, request or need. Both before and after surgery.
    Now let’s get to the less sunny story. It’s normal to feel pain and after such intervention. But the body looks worse than it feels. True, depends on each person’s pain threshold. But I am among those hypersensitive to pain. And me and bruise quite easily. Therefore normal that the waist down to just above the knee, present a “printed” black-purple with yellow dots here and there. The pain faded in about a week, and bruises are gone in about two to three weeks. I appreciated once again that had been prevented on this issue. As stated material, the pain felt is similar to that caused by a blow to the sport. In addition to pain and bruising and edema must accept the related operation. They disappear a little harder – after three to four weeks improves. It should also be noted that it is normal edema persist: fat aspirated during surgery is pre-injected with a special solution that helps dislodge them easily. Procedure occurs during surgery, and this solution contains anesthetic to minimize patient discomfort. It is therefore normal that some of the serum that longer persist in the body and take several months to complete its resorbirea. No wonder you are warned from the start that only partial results are seen after about three months, and the final result appears about ten months.
    After the surgery is a medical treatment for 5-7 days with antibiotics (as after any surgery, for that matter), antihistamines, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant. More specifically, it prevents infections and allergies and treat inflammation and bruises.
    Wear a compression corset for four weeks postoperatively. The stitches are removed after 5-7 days (procedure possible in the patient’s place of residence). We returned to control after one month, three months, six months and one year. Each time Mrs. dr. Jianu analyzed the response body and took pictures to document the progress of the remodeling of the silhouette.
    At the last we reviewed all the photographs taken during these months and I can only congratulate myself that I did, finally, this step (better late than never) and again thank Mrs. Dana Jianu doctor that did a Romanian happy!
    It seems fair to say that last year we became closer look at the silhouette of women around me and I’m more concerned than ever this topic. Thus, there was no way not to notice, seeing the results of other doctors (too much) covered, that hardly compares with the results that we found (not only in my case) after doctors work at Proestetica.

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