• 13 MAY 14
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    Vaginal hysterectomy is the treatment of choice for uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids can be treated by vaginal hysterectomy, with no incision, no pain and a quick recovery or drug can treat hormone. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and most are also open about arsenal but our specialist gynecologist, Dr. Alina Ursuleanu, Assistant Professor, PhD, recommend, based on experiences of hundreds of cases, vaginal hysterectomy, in agreement with the recommendations of the Association of Gynaecologists Americans and the British Royal Society of Gynecology. PhD sustained superiority on vaginal hysterectomy cases with surgical indication gives right to the point.

    Medical and surgical laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis. Often cause infertility and even often cause prolonged suffering, pain, irregular cycle and abundant, endometriosis can be treated either medically can operate laparoscopically.

    Medical and surgical treatment of ovarian cysts, often benign, unfortunately there are situations that are actually cysts ovarian malignancies, whose treatment is strict and is a surgical emergency. Sometimes cysts can become large, it can twist, resulting in loss of ovary and tube sometimes and can crack and if a hemorrhagic cyst, blood can flood the peritoneal cavity. Fortunately laparoscopic solving is fast, painless and hospitalization for one day.

    Medical and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence modern nets are made and special strip after performing a sphincter manometry.

    Biopsy and treatment of lower genital tract lesions (warts, polyps, cervical lesions)

    Endometrial biopsy to classify suffering endometrial cancer and appropriate treatment choice.

    Laparoscopic tubal infertility cause.

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