• Gynecology


      General surgery exam 140 LEI
      Post surgery check up 60 LEI
      Extra hours exam 180 LEI
      Doppler Exam 60 LEI
      Local anesthesia 100-200 EUR
      General anesthesia (I.V.-I.O.T.) 350-450 EUR
      Small tumors ablation (nevi, etc.) 100 EUR

    Medical staff

    • Dr. Alina Ursuleanu
      As. Universitar


      Gynecology exam 150 LEI
      Miomectomy 1000 EUR
      Miometrectomy 1200 EUR
      Subtotal hysterectomy 1200 EUR
      Hysterectomy 1500 EUR
      Vaginal Hysterectomy 2000 EUR

    Medical staff

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