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    Hands represent us and reveal our age. Most of the time we neglect it, we consider that it won’t age too soon. Hand skin deteriorates due to harsh climate, detergents, cleaning products or excessive exposure to sun (favors the appearance of dark spots).

    When we wash too often, the skin on the hands is rough, dry, crack and lead to eczema. We have to use moisturizing and nourishing creams to restore smoothness.

    A few tips:

    1.You can prepare the following mixture: honey, lemon juice and glycerin in equal parts, to apply while sleeping at night with gentle massage; put on cotton gloves for 20 min.

    2. In daytime wear gloves for household chores.

    3. Use moisturing dermatocosmetics based on urea, vitamins A and E, lanolin and sunscreen 50 +, if hands are extensively exposed to sunlight.

    4. Warm baths with vegetable oil, substantial contribute to the health of hands and nails.

    5. Be careful of what you eat, because the skin and nails need proteins, minerals (zinc, calcium, iodine, iron), vitamin B.

    6. For aged hands and brown spots on their surface, use hyaluronic acid creams, C vitamin, derivatives of A vitamin, prescribed by the doctor.

    7. If the skin on the hands becomes discoloured or too thin (looks shrunken), it is time to act more firmly. Your doctor will choose: either 40-50% trichloroacetic acid peeling to fade spots, or subcutaneous fat injections, treatment may be repeated two or three times to achieve and maintain soft and smooth appearance of the hands. Outpatient treatment is made under local or general anesthesia.

    8. Other newer methods to combat spots and for skin rejuvenation are pulsed light (IPL) treatments, microdermabrasion (superficial peeling with microparticles), laser (Genesis, Titan), cryotherapy , mesotherapy (injections of vitamins, hyaluronic acid etc.).

    9. A very modern and affordable option is the new bio revitalization treatment based on amino acids and hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates the skin and stimulates regeneration mechanisms (collagen and elastin), making it more resistant to other environment factors. The procedure is recommended for patients of any age, is less painful (local anesthesia is done by applying an anesthetic cream) and consists of a series of micro-injections, which bring active substances under the skin. The immediate result is the visible moisturizing of all skin layers, and then, while collagen synthesis increases, skin becomes smoother, visibly rejuvenated.

    For an optimized effect, local treatment may be combined with specific creams and amino acid based supplements.

    Dr. Mirela Telipan
    Dermatology Specialist

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