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    7. If skin has become too stained hands or too thin (looks shrunken), the time to act firmly. Your doctor will choose either peeling with trichloroacetic acid concentrate 40-50% to blur spots or subcutaneous injection own fat; Treatment may be repeated two-three times to achieve and maintain the look soft and smooth backs of the hands. Treatment is outpatient is done under local or general anesthesia.

    8 Other newer methods to combat spots and skin rejuvenation are pulsed light treatments (IPL), microdermabrasion (superficial peeling with micro), laser (Genesis, Titan), cryotherapy (treatment with nitrogen), mesotherapy (injections of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc).

    9.O very modern and affordable option is the new Biorevitalization treatment based on amino acid and hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates skin and stimulates regeneration mechanisms (collagen and elastin), making it more resistant to factors other environment. The procedure is recommended for patients of any age, is less painful (local anesthesia is done by applying an anesthetic cream) and consists of a series of microinjections, which burrow under the skin of active substances. The immediate result consists of hydration record of all skin layers, following that as collagen synthesis increases skin become smoother, visibly rejuvenated.

    For an optimized effect, can be combined with topical treatment moisturize and drink supplement based on amino acids.


    Dr. Mirela Telipan

    Dermatology Specialist

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