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    A hemangioma is an abnormal buildup of blood vessels in the skin, mucosa or internal organs and some patients are born with it. Being essentially benign tumors a hemangioma will evolve unpredictably, and, if punctured or hurt in any way it can bleed. Most are face and neck located so the psychological factor is also countable in deciding for a intervention.

    For the skin and mucosa we can use compression, for young kinds in particular, steroid injections or a surgical technique but for a generally poor esthetic final result. If we want a cosmetic outcome, especially if the tumor is on the face, but not only, we prefer the LASER treatment. Lasers emit light that damage the vessels in the hemangioma without damaging the skin over it. Lasers are not a new invention for these kind of conditions, but the new DIODE LASER can be a very useful surgical tool, allowing to fine tune the laser energy delivered to the hemangioma regarding to the hemangioma dimensions, localization and structure.

    The results are self-explanatory and the procedure is outpatient, performed under local anesthesia and almost painless.

    Dr. Eduard Ursuleanu, General Surgeon

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