• 13 MAY 14
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    Surgical procedures for hernias performed in our clinic are lifetime guaranteed.

    We are so confident in our tension free techniques that we promise to all our patients that if any hernia will reoccur, we’ll be fixing that for free. And that because we encounter in our extensive practice a very low number of recurrent hernia from our operated patients.

    Foto Gallery of hernia cases

    We use mainly Lichtenstein tension free technique for inguinal hernia and only mesh, tension free, procedures for any other kind of hernia, postoperative hernia, femoral hernia, epigastric, umbilical hernia.

    Most hernia procedures are outpatient, or a one day surgery experience, and no postoperative pains are the norm, thus the low key post-surgery medication, mostly anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

    Full recovery is at six months, but progressive sport activity can resume after 6 weeks.

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