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    Increase or decrease lips surgically

    It can refer to interventions to increase lip (usually) the reduction of lips (when visible too high) or lip correction following defects.

    1. Increasing lip surgically: This involves making several incisions in the inside of the lip and lip tissue rearrangement. This procedure is not giving a remarkable result (1-1.5 mm zoom, central or lateral) and convalescence is long (10-20 days). Excisions can be made in the outer lip or nose but can remain unaesthetic scar.

    Interventions on the lips requires a period of recovery before the patient can present normally in society. Simple techniques, like, hyaluronic acid injection, you must wait approximately 24-48 hours for the initial swelling and bruising to pull. It is important to avoid aspirin, products containing aspirin and excessive mobility of the lips, because they can lead to bruising that may be present for five – seven days.

    Lips increasing using fat transplant can lead to bruising and swelling, taking about seven to ten days of recovery before you can feel comfortable and presentable (that is you can return to work or leave the home) . These procedures are performed under local anesthesia.

    After intervention will maintain a rigorous oral hygiene: wash your mouth with water after every meal (avoid brushing with brushes a few days) will avoid coarse foods, too hot, chewing gum and efforts to mimic (laughter etc.)

    Risks of the lip procedures may include, in addition to general (any associated with surgery):

    a) asymmetries: There are areas that may appear larger or smaller than one part or another of the lips and need some time to become symmetric or retouching.

    b) Scars on line incisions: In rare cases, the incision can thicken. It can be treated by numbing the area and injected it with diluted cortisone or, in rare cases, scars surgery revision.

    Without considering this complication, resorption injected materials (hyaluronic acid or lipocolagenul) is a much less desired. Unfortunately  the present state of medicine, not yet invented material or surgical technique to produce a permanent lip augmentation, manageable and without adverse effects (artificial-looking, reactions of rejection, feeling the lips “wood”). If the injection materials are expensive is because they primarily have the merit to be well tolerated by the body (not hurt!).

    2. Reduce lip surgery

    Lip reduction intervention for patients who are disturbed that have lips too large (disproportionate figure). Consists of  excision (in a session or two) of a fragment of mucosa (inside) under local or general anesthesia. Edema (swelling) may last 7-10 days postoperatively requiring rest at home.

    Rabbit  lip plasty

    One of the most common interventions for lip correction after congenital lip defects is rabbit  lip plasty . Like other lip plasty,  this intervention does not require hospitalization. Evolution and postoperative care are similar to those of surgical lip enlargement.

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