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    The skin has always represented a mark of the feminity and beauty, from here the natural desire of removing the hair in excess from the body.

    Until the appearance of the lasers and of the intense pulsed light for the hair removal, the classic methods of hair removal (avulsion, cream, shaving) have been encumbered by a sum of disadvantages (short time of the effect, irritations and superficial infections, pigments, grown hairs in the skin etc).

    The ability to target and to destroy selectively hair follicle, without affecting the surrounding skin, through laser, has revolutionized the excessive and unaesthetic hair treatment counterbalancing all the shortcomings of the anterior methods.

    The principle of the treatment is the transfer of a big quantity of energy through the skin until finding the pigment of the skin. After the absorption of the energy at the level of the hair follicle, that one is destroyed and the hair growth is prevented, without affecting the surrounding skin.

    In order to act over the hair, this has to be in the active stage of the growth, when its root is intensely pigmented, with a maximal growth so that it has also the ability to absorb the energy provided by the laser. For an efficient treatment, you need more than one session.

    The effects are visible since the first session: reducing and thinning the hair from the treated area. In short time, the skin becomes thin, soft and uniform by eliminating spots and rashes, so common after using other hair removal methods.

    Unwanted reactions are very rare and generally transitional. It might appear only some light burns (red color of the skin) with some little crusts or local changes of pigmentation, which are often transient.

    The results of the treatment vary from one person to another, being influenced by a couple of factors:

    • The hair and the skin type (the phenotype with pale skin, thick dark hair respond better to the treatment);
    • Associate Endocrinological affections, which might interfere with the treatment effect;
    • The age, the diet, the local metabolism of the hair, the growth cycle.

    Very important is that, as in other domain, there are some exceptions, those are rare and the majority of the patients respond to the treatment. Reducing the hair is spectacular, and the rare hairs that remain grow slower, are paler and thinner. The problems with folliculitis or hair grew under the skin are eliminated as well as those which generate hyperpigmented spots. Also, we avoid the trauma and the face irritation through some procedures as shaving, avulsion with wax, which produce unwanted modifications of the hair and skin texture.

    The optimal moment to start the hair removal is the cold season, because the treated areas are usually protected by the sun, and the skin without bronze, pale is right for the treatment. So that, until next summer, the skin will show much better.

    For more information about laser hair removal, you can address to the ProEstetica Medical Spa Clinic

    Dr Ioana Popescu, Dermatologist

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