• 13 MAY 14
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    Endovenous laser therapy is the most used endovenous method, alongside closure, for varicose veins treatment.

    The procedure use the laser photo-thermic effect to close the insufficient venous broken valve and the vein itself, without the necessity of removing the vein, which means no incision is required.

    The minimal invasiveness is the first advantage of this method, allowing a swift healing and a short recovery time after surgery. The esthetic results are also a big plus, especially for woman. Also the method, closing the superior, on the thigh, part of the vein, drives down the number of recurrences.

    The procedure can be done under local anesthesia and is about one hour long.

    It is an outpatient procedure, the patient can leave the clinic within hours. No pain afterwards means that medication is kept to a minimum, anti-inflammatory, heparin drugs.

    After the procedure all patients need to wear same sort of compressive, medical, socks, individually selected, for two months.

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