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    In the past 10 years has been regarded as breast augmentation the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Only in the UK, as evidenced by last year analysis (performed by the British Association of plastic surgeons), this procedure has the top of the list in the top requests aesthetic treatments.

    A global research conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), showed that liposuction represented 18.8% of all surgical procedures performed in 2009, followed closely by breast augmentation (17%). ISAPS Global Research is the first set of accurate global statistics obtained by statisticians and independent specialists.

    Analysis revealed the top 25 of countries and regions in which relizeaza surgical cosmetic procedures and non-surgical so by plastic surgeons. USA is the top, immediately followed by Brazil, China, India and Mexico.

    While liposuction and breast augmentation was the most popular surgical procedures worldwide in 2009, blepharoplasty proved ranks 3rd among the most popular treatments with over 1,000,000 interventions. Rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty were placed 4th and 5th United States, Brazil, China, Mexico, India and Japan were the main countries that have practiced these procedures.

    The analysis also said as of the 17137780 procedures performed by plastic surgeons in 2009 were non-surgical treatments exceeded the surgery more than 65,000. This demonstrates advances in the field of cosmetic innovation and public preference to orient them towards less expensive, according to ISAPS. However the data does not take into account surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by doctors of other specialties.

    The top five non-surgical procedures in 2009 include botulinum toxin injection or other neuromodulators injection of hyaluronic acid, laser hair removal, autologous fat transfer injections and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light treatments).

    The total number of officially accredited plastic surgeons is estimated at 30,187. Around 18.5% of them practice in the USA, 13.8% in China, 12.4% in Brazil and 6.5% in India. UK is in 17th place with 274 plastic surgeons.

    President of ISAPS Communication Committee, Dr. Sampaio Goes action reports that data collection was a challenge. “To calculate percentages worldwide surgical and nonchirurgicale was an initiative to complex and challenging,” said dance.’ve Chosen a company with extensive experience in plastic surgery statistics and results that we have received credible, scientifically significant and will influence the profession in the years to come. “

    Were invited to attend around 20,000 plastic surgeons and all national stakeholders were asked to encourage their members to participate.

    Final figures have been projected to reflect international statistics and are based exclusively on the estimated number of plastic surgeons in each country.

    Full details on the analysis can be found on the website www.isaps.org of ISAPS.+

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