• 13 MAY 14
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    Lips cosmetic surgery might refer either to lips augmentation interventions, lips reduction or lips correction after some congenital defects.

    Fleshy, sensual lips are part of the ideal portrait of today’s beauty. Consequently, the lips augmentation treatments are more required in the esthetic surgery’s office nowadays.

    What do our lips contain? They are formed by external skin, labial glands, muscular tissue at the middle and mucosa inside. The size and the form of the lips depend firstly of the hereditary factors. The girls have the chance to inherit the lips of the father and reverse. Because of the labial glands atrophy, the lips tend to become thinner while we are getting old. There are some lips augmentation methods:

    1. Injections with hyaluronic acid: produced in the pharmaceutical industry, non allergic, non animal. The disadvantage is that this substance is resorbable in 1 – 6 months. If the treatment repeats, it is possible to have an additive effect (every time a little volume stays and finally, the lips become bigger).
    2. Injections with autologous fat (lipocollagen): the fat material with the collagen fibers is taken with a needle from the fat tissue to the hips level. This is after that injected in the lips. The result takes between 3 – 12 months. Frequently, (30%) the results of this operation can take a long period, some years or definitively. Repeating the injections goes to a constant and long retention of the fat material.

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