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    Several techniques are known “classic” for breast augmentation in breast implant is inserted most frequently by the moat under the breasts in a subglandular or submuscular plane is.

    A less common technique is the subfascial (ie between the gland and the pectoral muscle under smooth thin but strong elastic covering the muscle) in which breast implant is inserted through the areola (brown area surrounding the nipple). It shows the advantages subglandular and submuscular techniques belonging, but also decrease their complications.

    Fascia (thin) chest muscle is a well defined anatomical entity. The technique shows advantages transareolar approach with subfascial placement.
    a) This method is minimal postoperative pain.
    b) breast implant can be placed subfascial even when the glandular tissue layer is small (less than 2 cm), but still remain well covered by muscle due to “attraction” of muscle fibers leading to a highly aesthetic effect nice and natural. (see photo)
    c) maintain the integrity and function of the pectoral muscle, very important for certain professions (musicians, athletes, etc.).
    d) avoid problems caused by placement beneath the muscle when the pectoral muscle anatomy is unfavorable, unsightly or asymmetrical.
    e) The introduction of the implant in the areola in contrast to the submammary sulcus has several advantages: faint scar, rapid healing without complications.

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