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    The cellulite is an alteration of the conjunctive tissue, as a result of the fat accumulation in the adipocytes, producing disorders in the lymphatic and sanguine circulation, which favors the water retention and toxins. It represents an esthetical problem more than disease, the medical term which defines it being edemato panniculopathy fibrosclerotic. The cellulite is frequently located in the inferior part of the body (abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves) and can be superficial or deep, localized or diffuse. In the evolution of the cellulite, we can distinguish some stages:

    • Stage 0: the fat tissue is well vascularised and the capillary vessels allow correct metabolic exchanges;
    • Stage 1: it is a reversible stage, characterized by edemas and an initial change of the sanguine flux. The skin is soft and less elastic; it corresponds to the form of flaccid cellulite;
    • Stage 2: we produce an increasing number and density of the reticular fibrils around the adipocytes, which gets worst the microcirculation mood and of its relation with the adipocytes; it produces a loss of the skin elasticity and smooth, the skin becoming pale, hypothermic, with changes of the its sensibility. This stage corresponds to the compact cellulite.
    • Stage 3: appearance of the micronodules between the collagen fibers, which reduce the metabolic changes. The skin presents the characteristic aspect of “orange peel” and shows a little pain when we touch it.
    • Stage 4 : the stage of mobile micronodules, painful at pressure and at touch;

    The two last stages correspond to the form of fibro – edematous cellulite.

    The causes of the cellulite are not known exactly. Even so, the factors which produce and get worst the cellulite, we can count: the genetic factors, with major influence, hormonal disequilibrium linked to the estrogen excess (puberty, pregnancy, menopause, pills) wrong nutrition (too much carbohydrates and animal fats, food additives, insufficient consumption of vegetables and fresh fruits, vitamin supplements) sedentary life, the absence of the physical activity, stress, too much coffee and alcohol, smocking, sanguine circulation disorders.

    The treatment of the cellulite is difficult, without totally cure of this esthetical problem. It supposes the application of different procedures, from the mechanisms of appearance and development of the cellulite to the identification and the correction triggers factors. We realize a detailed exam of the patient with cellulite in order to establish if there are any contraindications for certain treatment methods.

    The medical approach in cellulite is based on a diet recommended by the nutritionist, physical permanent effort and the use of different medical procedures non surgical ( ultrasounds therapy, vacuum therapy, cavitation, cellulite massage, mesotherapy) and surgical (liposuction, lipolysis).

    Dr. Mirela Telipan

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