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    Ultrasounds therapy acts on the micro circulation and on the adicpocytes through the mechanic vibrant energy of the ultrasounds having low frequency, which help to release the fat deposits in order to burn them through physical exercises.

    Muscular electrostimulation increases the metabolism, the sanguine circulation and the degree of oxygen in that area doing it an efficient instrument in treating the cellulite. One session of electrostimulation takes 45 minutes, while the muscles contract with different intensities. This procedure improves the physical aspect, strengths and defines the muscles, removes the stress and the muscular pain, gives firmness to the muscles.

    Vacuum therapy uses the difference of pressure to revascularize the capillary tissues. It treats the cutaneous and subcutaneous conjunctive tissue favoring the toxins elimination; it stimulates the cellular changes and mobilizes the tissue, reestablishing the firmness, going even to the disappearance of the “orange peel” skin aspect. It reduces the water retention impelling the venal and lymphatic circulation. The vacuum realizes a delicate exfoliation, reestablishing the natural light of the skin and its flexibility.

    Lymphatic drainage is done through a pumping air mechanism at one determined pressure in order to improve the venal and lymphatic circulation. The benefits of the lymphatic drainage are: the reduction of the edemas, the body’s detoxification, the tissue’s regeneration, improvement of the chronic pain and of the cellulite.

    The lymphatic drainage massage – represents a pressing massage on the chain of lymph producing the elimination of the toxins which are not assimilated by the body, during the cellular synthesis.

    The cavitation is based on the ultrasounds of big intensity and low frequency, generating gas bubbles and their successive implosion with the rupture of the fat cells membranes; subsequently, the content is absorbed and drained through the lymphatic system.

    This procedure is forbidden to the persons with cardiac affections, with pace – maker, to the pregnant women. It needs the use of a modern technology, being considered nowadays the non surgical alternative for the liposuction.

    Anti cellulite massage is done locally, in the affected areas, with reducing effect creams or specific oils in order to increase the anti cellulite effect. With this massage, we stimulate the flexibility and the elasticity of the skin and of the subcutaneous tissues activating the blood circulation. The anti cellulite creams have to hydrate the skin and to activate the blood circulation. In order to be active, they have to contain ingredients as: caffeine, antioxidants, vitamin A, C, E, topical retinoids, green tea, algae, hydrating agents and proteins.

    Dr. Mirela Telipan

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