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    A revolutionary new technique for injecting hyaluronic acid

      “The needle that does not hurt!”

    This revolutionary new method of injection of hyaluronic acid (SIT – Sliding Injection Technique) with a needle that does not hurt! As is known, hyaluronic acid is a purified naturally occurring protein the human skin, marketed under various names and versions. It is mainly used for facial rejuvenation, filling of wrinkles and skin depressions, increasing deficits volume areas (lips, temporal regions, cheeks, nasolabial grooves and labiomentoniere etc.), but also to rejuvenate other areas (neck, décolleté, the dorsal hands).

    Modern medicine has made a big step forward by creating for the first time in its history, the needle that does not hurt. This is actually a traumatic microcanulă flexible without sharp so blunt tip with a very small diameter of 0.4 mm. This allows the introduction of the substance microcanulă (hyaluronic acid) with a very small number of skin penetration points, unlike the traditional techniques which require multiple injections pointed needles with inherent consequences (local anesthesia, and the need for higher risk of pain, swelling ) etc. Microcanula (needle that not only) allows new ways of administration, the star or range (i.e., radial) by the penetration over its entire length, which means a homogeneous distribution of the hyaluronic acid. With a minimum number of points of penetration to reach all areas injected in different layers of skin (dermis shallow, medium, deep hypodermis) of the face, throat, neck and dorsal hands. Introduction microcanulei involves creating a small hole previously skin with a sharp needle of the same diameter of 0.4 mm. This tiny hole penetrates microcanula, introducing the substance by advancing radial or line exactly at the desired level. This volume redefine facial wrinkles and depressions and fill in these areas. For example for a hemifaţă (longitudinal half of the face) will be necessary for this purpose only 2-4 points penetrate the skin, compared to the dozens of bites from classical techniques.

    Today we provide for our patients the needle and ideal technique that presents many advantages – convenience, greater safety and hygiene medical gesture thus optimum performance.

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