• 13 MAY 14
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    • Dental implant is a modern and efficient solution with numerous advantages over classic methods used in dentistry such as dentures or bridges by replacing missing teeth without affecting the adjacent ones.
    • The procedure involves inserting a titanium screw similar to a root in the maxilla or mandible on which bridges or crowns can be set up independently to the adjacent teeth resulting in an aesthetic, comfortable and very similar to the natural dentition.
    • Dental implants are recommended for patients of all ages with missing teeth.


    • Teeth extraction
    • Apicoectomy
    • Wisdom teeth extraction
    • Cystectomy
    • Gingivoplasty
    • Frenuloplasty


    • Metal-ceramic or all ceramic crowns and bridges
    • Mobile and partially mobile dentures
    • Classic partial removable dentures or with special retainers
    • Ceramic or composite veneers
    • Implant-supported fixed prostheses / overdentures (supraproteze)
    • Inlays

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