• 13 MAY 14
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    Surgical and conservative treatments for hemorrhoids.

    We use two major surgical techniques for hemorrhoids, open and closed hemmorrhoidectomy, with one day hospitalization required.

    Treatment presentation

    Conservative treatments for hemorrhoids are:

    Hemorrhoids treatment by infrared coagulation. The heat from the infrared beam shrinks the hemorrhoid vessels. Simple, outpatient procedure, no pains afterwards. The procedure can be performed several times, at two weeks interval, if the hemorrhoids are very numerous.

    Rubber band ligation (elastic band ligation) for hemorrhoids.
    Elastic band ligation (banding) is a procedure indicated for hemorrhoids that are prolapsing. It involves placing a rubber band over redundant tissue at the upper anal canal, incorporating hemorrhoid tissue. It is safe, outpatient, painless, and can be repeated.

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