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    Breast augmentation and reconstruction of breast after mastectomy
    By injecting own adipose tissue – BRAVA SYSTEM
    Is a revolutionary breast augmentation without silicone implants, by wearing a special device that allows breast augmentation by injecting your own fat. The principle is not new in plastic surgery, but techniques to achieve the breast augmentation.
    The entire procedure involves wearing an external expander (BRAVA system), followed by injecting its own fat, harvested from areas where surplus (thighs, hips, knees).
    Method is TISSUE EXPANSION EXTERNAL (breast augmentation) BRAVA system followed OWN adipose tissue transplant


    Patients will receive both a breast augmentation, and a body shaping.
    If breast enlargement with a cup bearing system requires a minimum of 10 hours / day, 4 weeks before and at least 2 weeks after transplantation of adipose tissue (lipofilling).
    The procedure is applicable to persons who have undergone mastectomies, requiring several sessions, depending on the particular case.
    BRAVA system, essentially a medical bra that creates a low intensity suction power is installed in the right image, illustrating the mode of action


    The advantages of BRAVA SYSTEM
    Safe, sustainable, efficient
    Surgery without a scalpel, the only tool is a needle syringe, do not use silicone implants and no other scars remain.
    Optimal patient – minimally invasive, low risk, rapid recovery, firm breasts natural concomitant liposuction, slimmer silhouette, costs comparable to other methods, satisfaction of patients.
    Are there drawbacks?
    Accommodating BRAVA system, it must be worn for a period of time
    Cancer family history loaded
    Low compliance level in understanding the method
    Contraindicated in smokers and patients treated with Herceptin



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