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    Surgical options for halus valgus disorder.

    Treatment objectives

    • it must eliminate the pain, from standing up right, to movement pain
    • improoving the articular functions
    • foot aesthetics

    Anesthesia – locoregional block. We use an ankle block or a SPE bolck (knee level)


    Keller technique, obsolete and with poor results, but still used by some surgeons. We prefer first metatarsal osteotomy techniques, with articular anatomy preservation, Austin, Chevron, Kalisch, Weil-Ronconi, Reverdeen Green Lourder.

    Another reasonable approach is Scarf french technique.

    Minimal incision techniques performed under x-ray control, are the new fashion in halus valgus surgery but fail to provide a good surgical solution mainly because

    • the osteotomy is approximate, the angles are impossible to judge precissily because of the very small incision so the correction lacks precision
    • the articular and periarticular structures needs stretching and positioning at the right angle, and this needs open surgery

    Preparation for surgery

    • x-ray exam, foot and chest
    • blood tests
    • EKG and a cardiology evaluation
    • surgery planning – choosing the technique, evaluating the angles

    Patient discussion

    The surgeon will discuss every aspect of the intervention, postoperative recovery needs,.


    Surgery time for halus valgus is about one hour, one hour and a half for one foot. Hospitalization for the first day is required.


    Takes about three months, bones need this time to cement. The first twenty days the patient will wear a special shoe and it will be confined to his house, where it can move at will.

    The methods used in our clinic guarantees a painless healing, no matter the gravity of the case.

    Mihai Baleanu, Orhopedy Department

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