• 13 DEC 11
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    A revolutionary new technique for the injection of hyaluronic acid:
    “The painless needle”

    A new and revolutionary method to inject hyaluronic acid into wrinkles was born: S.I.T. – Sliding Injection Technique, which use a needle that does not hurt! As is known, hyaluronic acid is a natural, purified protein of a human skin, marketed under different names and versions. It is mainly used for facial rejuvenation, filling wrinkles and skin depressions, areas with deficits increasing volume (lips, temporal regions, cheeks, nasolabial grooves and labiomentoniere etc.), but also to rejuvenate other areas (neck, cleavage, the dorsal face of hands). Modern medicine has made a big step forward by creating, for the first time in its history, the needle that does not hurt. This is actually a microcannula non-traumatic, flexible, non-pointed, so blunt-tipped, with a very small diameter of 0.4 mm. This microcannula allows the introduction of substance (hyaluronic acid) using a very small number of penetrating points in the skin, unlike traditional techniques, which require multiple injections with pointed needles having inherent consequences (need local anesthesia and greater risk of pain, swelling) etc.. Microcannula (the painless needle) allows new ways of management, “in the star” or “in the fan” (ie radial) through the point of penetration throughout its length, which means a homogeneous distribution of hyaluronic acid. With a minimum number of points of penetration are reached all areas of injected layers of skin (dermis superficial, medium, deep hypodermis) for face, neck, cleavage and dorsal face of the hands. Introduction of the microcannula involves creating a small hole prior skin with a sharp needle with the same diameter of 0.4 mm. Through this tiny hole penetrates microcannula and introduce the substance by advancing radial or in line according to your desire. This volume redefines facial wrinkles and depressions are filled in these areas. For example for mid longitudinal face will be necessary for this purpose only 2-4 points penetrating the skin, compared with dozens of bites as in the case of the classic methods.

    Today we have available for our patients’ ideal needle and technique, which has many advantages – highly convenience, more safety and hygiene of medical gesture, thus, optimum performance.


    -Very little or no pain, which is mid-way through the administration of local anesthetic (anesthetic creams or injection syringe). On a scale of 1-10 most patients have pain located around 2, that is barely felt pain, only during the procedure.
    -Drastically decreases the risk of bruising (bruises) or hematomas due to extremely small number of stings and technical accuracy using the microcannula.
    -Through a point of penetration is gaining access to an entire area, for example all around the face or the back of the hand
    -Due to the increased comfort for the physician and patient the period of a session is reduced.
    -Perfect control of injection level and uniform distribution of hyaluronic acid, which leads to superior results
    -The absence of any visible sign after the procedure in the treated areas (slight redness that disappears immediately)
    -Immediate social rehabilitation of the patient with continuing normal activity immediately after the procedure.

    Dr. Dana Jianu

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