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    Treatment of abdominal hernia for women

    Abdominal hernia, which means output of a visceral abdominal anatomical preformed paths through (hole cord, inguinal canal, femoral canal, etc.) or through the abdominal wall weakened by trauma or surgery (hernia postincizionala), is less common in women than in men. This is because men have a low area in the groin, caused by the descent of the testicle from the abdomen into the scrotum during fetal life, which gives rise to a large number of inguinal hernia .Femeile instead go in life, in their majority, at least one task which to test their abdomen and umbilical hernia and diastasis favor rectus abdominis muscle (widen the space between straight weakened muscles and tissue relaxation and bulging abdomen).

    Hernia be treated, because it has a high potential for complications from her increasing pain and transit disorders, up to bottleneck, which is the most feared complication, because we put the life threatening. Strangulation strangle consists of a visceral and intestine in the hernia ring with stop bowel obstruction and interruption of blood supply but that can lead to visceral necrosis. Except for newborns that still meets the spontaneous closure of small hernias (umbilical mostly) compression with elastic belt or device for all other hernia is surgery indication.

    Fortunately, nowadays most hernias can be solved in their outpatient without hospitalization. This requires using a minimally invasive surgical procedure without blood, which is equivalent to using a “mesh” surgery under anesthesia allowing patients to go home after a few hours. Local anesthesia is the first in which we think about when we talk about hernia without hospitalization and it fits very well to most umbilical hernias (hernias prevalent in women) but the epigastric hernias, inghino-labial or femur. Local anesthesia may be more comfortable if it is aided by intravenous sedation by the anesthesiologist increases the pain threshold of the patient without sleep it that general anesthesia. Of course there is the possibility of general anesthesia, it allows us to go home after a few hours when using substances latest, with fast metabolism. General anesthesia is necessary when the hernia is large or when a procedure is performed laparoscopically.

    In terms of solving the hernia surgical procedures have existed for over a hundred variants practiced, because none of them were perfect and the relapse rate was very high, by the time (1990) in which an American surgeon – Lichtenstein- the able to explain the relapse occurs for operators muscle tension sutures to close the hernia orifice. He showed how to use a piece of plastic (“net”) will alleviate the stitching and the relapse rate will drop dramatically. Today, most surgeons use the method to “post” Lichtenstein and recidivism rate dropped to less than 1% .Procedeul Lichtenstein requires a small incision and using a net that covers the hernia hole and fix the muscles, creating a strong and solid scar, which allows us to offer the patient a lifetime warranty hernia surgery. Originally used for inguinal and femoral hernias, umbilical hernias mesh expanded to, epigastric, postoperative (eventrations) or traumatic.

    Special mention deserves done for diastasis rectus abdominis, which even if not always accompanied by umbilical hernia or postoperative (C-section, etc.) frequently occurs after pregnancy and is very angry with distended abdomen and bulging, sometimes batracian appearance. Unfortunately this does not solve the exercise because of muscle tissue, and weaknesses in pregnancy were thinned and stretched but fortunately, diastasis can be corrected surgically, by processes which plicatureaza aponeurosis, solving when appropriate and hernia defects, with spectacular results.

    In conclusion, when you have a belly bulge could be a hernia or diastasis of law, ask your specialist doctor can easily diagnose generally by clinical examination and possibly an ultrasound of soft tissue (in rare cases are required advanced investigations), helping you to take the right decision for your health.

    Dr.Stefan Jianu- chief surgeon, PhD, Founding Member of the Romanian Society of Herniologie

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  • Posted by Natalie Wall Morris on 10/09/2018, 11:18

    Hello, I live in dubai but would like a quotation for surgery for Umbilical hernia and abdominal separation (1 surgery for both). This was caused by the birth of my second child. I had both my children c section.

    Could you send me some information?

    I don’t want a scar on my stomach either.

    I hope you can help me.

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