Treatment of hernia with mesh

Inguinal hernia is a condition in which by a rupture of the abdominal wall in the groin is committed abdominal structures. Hernias can be complicated at any time by strangulation, becoming requiring urgent surgery./p>

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A strangulated hernia can be life-threatening patient.

It is best to avoid this potential complication operand any hernia diagnosed if the patient’s condition allows.

Modern treatment of hernia is done using nets, synthetic prosthesis which is fixed to the parietal defect. Hernia surgery can be done laparoscopically, without incision in the defect.

Modern materials used in prosthetic hernia are fully biocompatible, biologically inert, integrating seamlessly between local anatomical structures.

Hernia surgery may be performed under local anesthesia with the patient discharged a few hours of surgery. Guarantee the absence of tension free procedures used postoperative pain and relapse rate is below 0.5%.

All hernias operated in either Proestetica Clinic groin, femoral, umbilical, epigastric, postoperative (eventrations) benefit from lifetime warranty , in the event of any re-intervention recurrence is supported entirely by the clinic.