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    GLO PRP is a revolutionary blood separation kit that extracts Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from a human blood, which can be used for skin rejuvenation treatment and pain treatment.

    The plasma rich in platelets contain some growth and cure factors which are introduced in human body in order to repair the damages. The 55% of the total volume is formed by the extracellular matrix – the plasma. 90% of the plasma is water.

    The role of the plasma is to transport nutrients, carbon dioxide, heat, hormones and other substances. In the wound, the collagen on the wall of the blood vessel is getting free. The collagen of platelets allows the secretion of one hormone called thromboxane which can get free the adenosine diphosphate (ADP). The platelets ADP are too flattened to cure the affected area. In the same time, the coagulation factors of the blood form an enzyme called thrombin, which reactions with the plasmatic fibrinogen and is released in the blood. The fibrin fibers are blocked in other sanguine cells. When the strands of fibrin withdraw, the excess of liquid is drained of coagulation and appears the replacement with the crust. The platelets derive from megakaryocytes, the precursors of the bone marrow. The platelets are the cells pieces, membranes surrounded by cytoplasm. The platelets in the blood have values of reference at the adults of 150 – 360 people E9 / 1. They contain mille of growth factors which include:

    • The growth factor of base fibroblasts;
    • The growth factor of conjunctive tissues;
    • The epidermal growth factor;
    • The insulin growth factor;
    • The derived platelets growth factor;
    • The factor of transforming the beta – growth;
    • The factor of vascular endothelium growth.

    In the PRP method, we harvest blood from the patient, like 10 ml. The platelets are separated from the blood using a spin, so it will result a plasma rich in platelets (PRP), the platelets concentration being bigger than the original blood. This concentration is injected in the damaged area, in the zone of treatment so that significant quantities of cure factors are free, factors able to repair faster the damages from the affected area. The platelets start immediately the recovery process and assist the stem cells for the tissues regeneration. The PRP therapy can be used, for example, in order to alleviate the pain, as the sport lesions, the chronic wounds, to accelerate the cure after a surgery, fix and help at the cure of the burns, teeth implants and other surgeries. The treatment can be used also for the cosmetics surgeries, as re – growth of the hair and wrinkles remove. In addition, PRP can be used in combination with own fat of the body in esthetical surgery. In many cases, the PRP treatment is enough to bring the result desired, without surgical intervention. Being a part of our own blood, the plasma rich in platelets (PRP) is free of transmissible disease and does not cause allergic reactions or hypersensitivity.

    Some companies have produced the PRP kits, which, in general, are based on the separation of the platelets of the blood using a spin. This can be done even in vitro, but the biggest problem is the presence of a low number of platelets in collection. The platelets collection is many times done through pipetting. This method has the risk of re – mixture. The Glofinn Method has at its base the tube in two pieces, which will be open after the spin so that the red cells of the blood stay in the second removable part of the tube; after that, the platelets are directly transferred in the syringe using a different connection. This method, as the procedure, is much more precise and simple, without supplementary pipetting and without the fear of losing the platelets or mixing them with other sanguine components.

    The benefits of the PRP Kit realized by Glofinn are:

    • Simple to use;
    • Cheap;
    • O big quantity of PRP obtained;
    • The extraction method;
    • The possibility of a double spin for a bigger concentration of PRP;
    • No use of the pipette, so no need of storage;
    • Made in Finland;
    • Approved EC


    What’s GLO PRP?

    GLO PRP is a revolutionary blood separation kit that extracts Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from a human blood, which can be used for skin rejuvenation treatment and pain treatment.

    What’s GLO PRP based on?

    GLO PRP is a method using PRP. PRP is a concentration of human platelets (PLT) in a small volume of plasma. PRP ustilizes a patient’s own PLT, obtained from his/her blood.

    Why? GLO PRP

    GLO PRP is easy and safe product for PRP extraction.

    – Use single syringe only

    – Simple operation

    – No contamination by pathogens

    PLT concentration levels can be controlled

    – × 2-3 concentrated for skin rejuvenation treatment.

    – × 4-8 concentrated for pain treatment


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  • Posted by Nancy akawi on 15/11/2018, 10:17

    Hello im medicine student 5th year in craiova ,im intersted about plasma treatment to my face espasially to remove the dark color under the eyes .. can you please tell me how much ot cost .

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