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    The vampire lifting – PRP therapy

    “The Vampire Lifting” PRP Therapy


    PRP therapy (“Platelet Rich Plasma”) is one of the newest procedures used in esthetic medicine and skin rejuvenation surgery. Already well known as the Vampire’s lifting, this procedure consists of taking a small quantity of the patient’s blood in a special test tube, which is then centrifuged. In the end, we extract the activated fraction of plasma platelets, together with growth and tissue regeneration factors


    The treatment is ideal for: skin smoothing and rejuvenation, diminishing fine line wrinkles, filling deep wrinkles, lip augmentation, reestablish neck firmness and overall appearance of the neck, cleavage and hands. Furthermore, it is one of the few therapies with spectacular effects on wrinkles around eyes and mouth. Injecting PRP is successful in acne scars, post surgery scars, post trauma, recent skin stretch marks and chronic wounds, in order to speed healing.


    For optimum results, 2 to 3 sessions are required.


    Advantages of the method:

    • The procedure only requires local anesthesia
    • It doesn’t involve recovery time
    • The injected product is completely natural and safe, it does not produce allergies or side effects in the organism (as it is self produced)
    • It can be associated with other esthetic procedures, including own fat transfer, for face volume remodeling.
    • Acceptable costs.

    The disadvantage of the method: the discomfort of a small blood sampling.


    MD Dana Jianu,

    Plastic and Esthetic Surgeon

    Proestetica Medical Center

    Bucharest, 38-40 Tudor Stefan Street

    Phone-fax: 004021-2305200/2317795


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