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    Varicose veins, complications

    Varicose veins do not hurt but can be complicated, sometimes severely. Thrombophlebitis can occur in the presence of varicose veins that are in the early stages, especially in summer when the veins are dilated and there and dehydration conditions that contribute to the occurrence of thrombosis. Traveling by airplane, or the coach and car long, I suppose immobilization and dehydration, two of the conditions that favor the occurrence of thrombophlebitis.

    What can you do. If varicose veins surgery should be postponed when stockings, compression, is a temporary solution, effective prevention of both thrombosis as well as local edema and pain, which are installed in these situations.

    Superficial thrombophlebitis is accompanied, especially those located in the leg, deep thrombophlebitis, up to 11% of cases, both in the case of thrombosis occurred in varicose veins of the thigh as well as in those of the leg. It is therefore necessary medical attention in all cases in which superficial thrombophlebitis occurs in a person with varicose veins, especially in cases where there are other thrombogenic factors, pregnancy, birth control pills, obesity, age, season. Only a consultation and a Doppler ultrasound may provide the necessary treatment for each case. The recommendation is that, in general, to wait until the surgery of varicose thrombophlebitis heal under medical treatment. If it detects a deep thrombophlebitis, which shows the vital risk considering the possibility of extending and migration of clots, anticoagulant therapy with heparin or low molecular weight heparins will begin immediately. Subsequently, the patient will remain on anticoagulation therapy with checking thrombophilia testing and periodic review of coagulation profile and the local situation, ultrasound.

    Another common complication is represented by varicose ulcer. Ulceration is caused by local vascular conditions venous stasis amid existing venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Any topical treatment applied, no matter how effective in theory, can not close varicose ulcer sustainable in the absence of either a varicose vein operations, which will improve the local hemodynamic conditions, or a local compressive therapy, which can be either an elastic bandage or a a medical elastic stockings.

    In case of accidental hemorrhage caused by rupture of varices, bleeding will be an important one, because varicose veins dilated, there is a large amount of blood under a certain hydrostatic pressure. The first act consists of patients with varicose veins stretch horizontally, that fact will reduce hydrostatic pressure and slows bleeding, compression performed on varicose vein rupture site is also effective. It can put a sterile dressing, or other waste material, pure cotton, sterile dressings, and can bandage the leg with a bandage, elastic base, the base of the fingers up to 2 cm below the knee when the leg veins or broken including and thigh in an elastic bandage if broken varicose vein is located on this level.

    All three complications were indication for surgery, endovenous laser type in my opinion, besides surgery varicose stockings can only be a temporary solution, considering the difficulty accommodating them in summer.

    Dr. Eduard Ursuleanu, specialist surgeon Medical Center Proestetic

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