Varicose veins treatment with laser

Varicose veins affect two-thirds of the adult population and can give major complications, not just a cosmetic problem.

With endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins is the most modern method is also the least invasive.

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Endovenous laser does not require hospitalization, is painless and leaves no scars with excellent functional and aesthetic results in the long term.

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For a diagnosis of varicose veins is needed first of a clinical examination and an ultrasound Doppler flobologic after venous disease is made map highlighting the points of venous reflux.

Laser procedure itself is performed under anesthesia by inserting a fiber optic diseased vein through a puncture under ultrasound. Optical fiber connected to a vascular laser that emits light energy by the free end which is in contact with the vein. Energy melts and sick seal vein which shrinks as fiber retreat. Intervention may be completed by a microsurgical flebectomie, sclerotherapy and laser treatment for small vessels, venules and telangiectasias.